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If you are interested in becoming involved with Extinction Rebellion Guelph, please click the button below and fill out our form in Action Network! You will then receive our newsletter. If you indicate which areas of the rebellion you are interested in helping with, then we will contact you when we have something you could help us with.

Our Organization

The Structure of Extinction Rebellion (XR) can be broken into two main categories, Affinity Groups and Working Groups.

Affinity Groups are closed groups of 8-12 people who achieve direct actions autonomous to everyone outside of the group. Actions are planned and executed within the group, but must adhere to the Principles and Values of our group.
We require that anyone wanting to work as a member of an affinity group in the name of Extinction Rebellion Guelph complete Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) training.

Working Groups are smaller groups within a chapter that have a specific focus that are allowed to independently make decisions about their work. This model is used by XR International and many other groups around the world to work towards a better planet. Our structure allows decisions to be made faster and more effectively, and allows many people to be involved in the areas that they are interested in, while decreasing the need for large meetings of everyone in the local chapter.

Extinction Rebellion Guelph has seven core working groups (WG) which work to manage specific areas of the rebellion. Each of these working groups may have sub-groups that branch off of the original to coordinate more specifically. For example there is a Youth Outreach sub-group that operates under the Outreach Working Group that is specifically for youth engagement.

Below is a diagram of our organization followed by a description of the working groups currently active in Guelph.

Outreach and Training

The role of the Outreach and Training working group is to reach out to people, both online and offline, to inform them about Extinction Rebellion, empower them to take part in civil disobedience and to train people to enable them to take an active part in the Rebellion. This group is accountable for on-boarding new Rebels, reaching out to people by representing XR at other events and group meetings, organising training, seeking to make the Rebellion more inclusive and diverse by reaching out to groups and people not adequately represented within XR (for example faith groups, unions etc.), organising inclusive outreach events, for example picnics, informative events, street-parties or mini-festivals.
Right now the outreach group is focussing on giving ‘The Talk’ to members of the Guelph community. The talk, entitled “Headed for Extinction and What to do About it” is an outreach presentation which gives information about the climate crisis and invites the public to engage with extinction rebellion.

Roles for members of the Outreach working group may include, hosting The Talk, hosting a training session, attending meetings, planning and/ or hosting events.

Media and Messaging

The role of the Media and Messaging Working Group is to represent the Guelph Extinction Rebellion Branch to the public through online and written messaging and to liaise with external media. Roles may include: writing the newsletter, public interest articles and blogs; maintaining social media accounts; writing press releases; contacting journalists; briefing XR members who will be speaking to the media; and, editing and finalizing messaging created by other working groups (eg. pamphlets, speeches, etc.)


We are currently seeking a lead for Fundraising! If you are interested and have experience in fundraising, please contact

Technology and Security

All organizations need methods of communication between members, for activists specifically these communications must be secure and trustworthy. The Technology and Security WG is focused on securing our communication procedures, educating group members on secure activism, and helping assist with the technology needed for actions and events done by other working groups.

Arts, Music, and Events

Regenerative Culture

Actions and Logistics